About - Jordyn Coffin

Hi I'm Jordyn! I love strong coffee and good wine. I love puppies, babies and my family. Oh! And carbs. I really love carbs. Mmmm. Carbs.

But it isn’t really what I’m in to that matters. That stuff won’t make your pictures amazing… unless you want me to bring puppies and donuts to our photo shoot...... I can definitely arrange that. That would actually be pretty amazing. 


What matters: I’m REAL. I like asking questions. I love getting to know people. Nothing really embarrasses me.  I’m carefree, I'm a lot of fun and I’m loud. If you hire me, I will definitely yell something about poop and make fart noises to get your kids (or you) to laugh.

I'm also a big ole softy. My heart strings are pretty easily tugged, and I cry when I'm happy and when I talk about things I love.

Anyway, I’m also pretty darn good with a camera. So, shoot me an email (here!) and let’s take some amazing photos!

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